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The Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation offers an interest free scholarship loan to pursue (post-) graduate studies at leading institutions, abroad or in India. The scholarship loan is geared towards Indian nationals residing in India. The amount offered is based on the expenses that are likely to be incurred for (post-) graduate studies (depending on the tuition, living expenses at the school under consideration), up to a maximum of 20 lakhs INR. Typically, the repayment of the scholarship loan begins one year after completing (post-) graduate studies and is spread over the course of 2-3 years.

The scholarship application process

The application process is detailed in:

The application opens around the end of January or so, and one need not have an admit before applying. Look out for a notice on their website or Facebook page ( to find out when the online form can be accessed. The online application form resembles the application form of a US university. Apart from academic records, there are a couple of short essay prompts that are not very different from what you would write on your statement of purpose (this was how the online application was for the Fall 2015 scholarship cycle.) You also need to submit one or two letters of recommendation in a sealed envelope for the application. The LORs and other documents listed on the website are only required if shortlisted for stage II of the application process.

The interview stage

The foundation then shortlists students for a personal interview. The interview is conducted in Mumbai and the shortlisted candidates receive an email containing the details of the interview . A panel of experts in your domain conduct the interview, which is technical in nature. Be well prepared with the fundamentals of your area of interest / specialization / projects since it is a pretty competitive interview. It is also important to be clear about your professional goals and your motivation for pursuing them. This is the final round in the selection process.

Perks that come with the scholarship? Tell me more…

Selected candidates are invited for an orientation program, that introduces them to the other scholars selected that year. They also invite scholars from the previous years and experts from various domain – setting up a good networking platform. One of the best aspects of being a Narotam Sekhsaria scholar (over and above the financial support! ) is the mentorship program that the foundation offers. Every scholar is paired with a mentor who is an expert in academia / industry in their field of specialization. The idea is to allow the scholar build a strong network and grow in his/her domain, and the mentor helps towards this by guiding the scholar through decisions in (post-) graduate school and beyond. The foundation invests heavily in the scholar’s career and genuinely cares about their professional success and excellence!

About the author: Sharanya Subramaniam is a PhD Candidate at the University of Illinois in the Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering. She was the recipient of the prestigious scholarship in 2015.

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