We are a fun-loving duo, X, and Y who graduated from the same college in India with a B. Tech in Electrical Engineering. X completed her masters from UIUC in 2016 while Y got his degree from CMU in 2015. United by the struggles we faced while preparing and applying for higher studies and the lack of a single source of truth, we decided to start this blog to share our experiences during the entire project starting from the motivation to pursue higher studies to the preparation of leaving our sweet home to cross the Atlantic. Our ultimate goal is to help some aspiring minds like us however, we wouldn’t mind getting some page traffic along the way. 😉 🙂

Somethings we would like to get straight. We are not professionals and whatever we share on this blog is specific to our experience. As such, posts on this blog may be particularly useful to Indian students since both of us did our undergrad from India. Having said that, we will definitely try to keep the posts generic so that other international students can benefit from our posts as well.

For any questions, advice, or a blog post you would like to see, feel free to shoot us an email.